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We value our patients' experience at Boca Health & Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ernest Caruso
Your Boca Raton Chiropractor

- Daniel Bronstein

    I have been to a number of Chiropractors and got no relief, Dr. Caruso continues to help me

- Noreen

    My first visit to Dr. Caruso's office was one my best days. The staff was welcoming, accommodating, friendly and kind! Dr. Caruso did a thorough examination, reviewed my x-rays and after my exam, he adjusted and relieved the pain in my neck that no one else has been able to do in the past 4 years. He helped the arthritis in my hands & wrists, the degenerate disc problems in my spine and neck. I am consistently happy and just keep improving with each visit. Thank you Dr. Caruso and the Staff for not only helping me feel better but for the fabulous interaction I experience between the Dr., the staff and the patients! That is hard to find these days.

- Roberta

    Having been treated by various chiropractors for over 35 years, I am extremely pleased with the results with Dr. Caruso. Many of the doctors who have treated me take forever to accomplish what Dr. C has done for me in three visits. I appreciate his aggressive treatment and would highly recommend him (and already have done so) to anyone I know who could benefit from his expertise.

- Joseph Pellicano

    I started seeing Dr Caruso for chiropractic care in 2010 and can't say enough about him. He is a friendly, personable chiropractor who puts the needs of his patients first. His staff is warm, dedicated and a delight to deal with. Dr. Caruso continually exhibits the highest degree of professionalism in the field of chiropractic science. His care for his clients is evident, as he takes the time to provide for the individual needs of each and every patient under his care. His demeanor in the way he performs his job is impeccable.

- David Faltz

    Had a great experience with Dr. Caruso. I was experiencing severe back pain and after being treated 6 times i recovered fully. Thanks Dr. Caruso

- Ron Gaynor <https://plus.google.com/116004698638724074722/reviews>

I have been receiving Chiropratic care since the mid 60's in Philadelphia
and more recently in Florida. During the past year I made an appointment
with Dr Caruso at the suggestion of a friend of mine. I found his equipment
first class and his professional expertise the best of any Chiropractor I
have visited when it came to addressing my chronic back problem. His entire
staff was always friendly and efficient. I would recommend Dr Caruso to
anyone seeking above average results from Chiropratic treatment.

- Barbara C.

For years I have had clicking in my neck with pain and I've been looking for
a highly skilled chiropractor whom I can trust. I've tried several but found
myself disappointed. Then, someone suggested that I call Dr. Caruso and
right off the bat he was informative and very knowledgeable about my
condition. He started treating me and I can truly say that I am pain free.
After the first treatment, I immediately noticed that my range of motion
came back and my pain was nearly gone. Now I visit his office periodically
and keep myself pain free all the time. THANK YOU DR. CARUSO!!!!

- Dustyn Shroff <https://plus.google.com/117613333940078723537/reviews>

Dr. Caruso has taken care of everyone in my family for quite some time now.
He always communicates what's going on, gives solid advice, and always makes
time for his patients. I even called him over the weekend once and he was
more than happy to pick up the phone and schedule me an appointment! Great
at what he does and a definite recommendation for anything Chiropractic,
Physical Therapy, or Massage related.

- Laurie Hall <https://plus.google.com/100640281703537170025/reviews>

When I fell down my stairs at my house, I really hurt my lower back and
couldn't hardly walk. My friend told my about Dr. Caruso and how good he
was. So I called him and he came in during his off hours time to treat me
and I was very pleased. He took the time to examine, xray and treat me. He
was very professional, not to mention that he smelled amazing... I was up
and running within no time. Thanks, Dr. Caruso, your the "best"

-Todd Parker <https://plus.google.com/109416768996890400577/reviews>

I was in a severe car accident last month 6-6-13 that was not my fault and
was in total shock, this is the first time I have been injured and didn't
know what to do or who to call, my attorney instructed me to call Dr Caruso
I didn't have any broken bones and didn't need to go to the emergency room
but I was definitely had neck pain and lower back pain. I went the same day
to see Ernest, and boy am I glad I did!!! They have a well trained
experienced friendly staff that foster your situation and guide you and
treat you with dignity and knowledge.What ever your situation may be they
offer the most current technology to get you back on the road to pain free
mobility. If you have been in a car accident, have current on going pain or
a athlete run don't walk to see Dr Caruso!!!

- Jean Eicholtz <https://plus.google.com/117014160559735657215/reviews>

Dr Caruso was able to resolve the lower back pain on my first visit on
9/9/2013. He is now working with me to fully resolve the pain and stiffness
I have in my left shoulder. I would highly recommend his services and his
office to make your pains go away.

- Monica Bazan <https://plus.google.com/111971184742212346393/reviews>

I had awful lower back pain with leg pain, unbearable pretty much. I went to
Dr. Caruso and not only was his staff very friendly, caring and helpful but
the doctor was very good and caring too. He immediately let me know my lower
discs in back were rotated and i have scoliosis. He did physical therapy
with me and helped me so much! The pain was getting better as every time I
would go. The staff also extremely helpful and faxed notes over to my
primary care physician and insurance quickly. I feel so much better! I would
definitely recommend to anyone :)

- Carmen Evangelista <https://plus.google.com/100454001860669472109/reviews>

After a recent lower back injury I was barely able to walk on the 4th day.
Dr Caruso and his lovely staff were able to see me and start treatment the
same day! I had an instant sense off well being and felt the positive energy
when I walked into the office. I am now about 4 weeks in treatment and feel
almost back to my normal self. Thank you Dr Caruso for your expertise and