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Leg Pain

As your chiropractor in Boca Raton FL, we are dedicated to serving the wellness needs of our chiropractic patients including chronic leg pain. Dr. Ernest Caruso provides effective chiropractic care to his patients in the greater Boca Raton FL area who are looking for drug-free and natural treatment. No matter the cause, if you are suffering from leg pain that has been lingering for too long, please come and see us for relief! In addition to being your chiropractor in Boca Raton, our office also provides massage therapy that is an effective treatment modality that enhances the positive effects provided by chiropractic care.

Our care is holistic in nature and we believe in treating the entire patient, rather than just looking at your symptoms. Whether your leg pain is caused by sciatica, a previous sports injury, or is the result of injuries sustained during a car accident, we are here to help!

Common Causes of Leg Pain

The most common cause of chronic and ongoing leg pain is sciatica. This condition is caused by damage to the sciatic nerve that runs the length of the spine, through the buttocks, and includes the legs as well. This nerve can be affected by a number of different spinal and disk issues that aggravate the area and causes chronic pain. Rather than masking the symptoms caused by sciatica, Dr. Caruso will work with you to address the damage to the sciatic nerve in order to provide you with a pain-free life!

Sports injuries and injuries sustained in auto accidents are another common cause of lingering leg pain. If these initial injuries are not addressed in a timely and comprehensive manner the result can be a lifetime of recurring pain. If you have experienced an injury that just hasn't healed properly and every time
you think that the pain is gone, it returns again, we can help to eliminate your pain once and for all! Our treatment methods and techniques are comprehensive in nature, and in addition to the chiropractic techniques that we utilize, we can create a comprehensive course of treatment.

A strong and healthy spine is instrumental in ongoing back health and pain-free living. We can provide you with stretches and exercises that you can easily add to your daily routine.

Boca Health & Wellness is Here to Treat Your Leg Pain

If you are suffering from leg pain that causes you discomfort and is disruptive to an active lifestyle, Dr. Caruso can help. Please call the Boca Health & Wellness Center today at (561) 447-2228 to schedule an appointment.

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